An Effective Approach to Debt Collection

An Effective Approach to Debt Collection

What is Parent Check?

We are pleased to announce the launch of ParentCheck+, a brand new product which schools can now incorporate into their international student admissions process. Schools can submit the details of prospective foreign parents to Redwood Collections, whereupon our powerful ParentCheck+ system will scan hundreds of worldwide databases maintained by governments other organisations, in order to check for:


The most important international sanction lists (European Union, United Nations, FBI etc.) will be searched to ensure that the school is not forbidden from doing business with the parents.

Adverse media:

A scan will also be conducted using an extensive database of persons who have links to illicit activities from 35,000+ news sources in 50+ languages.

Money laundering links

Individuals with money laundering links should be of serious concern to schools. ParentCheck+ can reveal such offenders and protect the school from prosecution.

Associate & corporate links:

Using a state of the art directorship search, ParentCheck+ can check for links between the prospective parents and sanctioned, insolvent or criminally-linked corporations.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs):

ParentCheck+ references a list of more than 1.4 million PEPs, as well as their family members & associates, to identify high-profile individuals.


Further checks will be made to see if the parents are present on any worldwide enforcement lists, court filings, gazettes or insolvency registers.

All of the above information not only helps to identify parents with a higher likelihood of defaulting on their payments, but could also save schools from extremely bad publicity.

ParentCheck+ prices depend on pupil numbers and screening frequency. Please contact our specialist education department on 020 8288 3594 for further information and accurate quotation. Sample reports are available upon request.

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